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    Issue: Lightroom changes my PSD white points on my PSD's


      Does your Lightroom do this to you? :-P


      I just found an issue with LR (my perceived issue anyways) and I wonder if any of you knew about this or noticed the same thing.


      I've always noticed that sometimes when I export files from LR, that the color or luminosity changes if I open the same file in Photoshop...even if it was edited and finished in photoshop. Sometimes the white areas (255 per RGB channel) would be exported with decreased intentisity (droppig to 247 per channel).


      My process is I shoot in Adobe1998 and then import into Lightroom. And if I export it from LR it goes out as sRGB.


      If I edit in Photoshop, then it goes in there through LR as ProPhoto RGB and is saved in that color space in a PSD file, which then back to the LR catalogue. When I export the PSD from the LR catalogue it goes out as sRGB.


      WELL.... through some experiments and trials this morning, I discovered that the reason why my images that are finished in PS are coming out at decreased luminosity is that it seems that LR only lives in the sRGB color space.


      I assumed that it would convert the ProPhoto RGB in my PSD file *correctly* into the correct closest equivalents in sRGB. But the interpretation is not very good and I get a result that is somewhere in between viewing an sRGB and ProPhotoRGB image in the sRGB color space.


      This was easily corrected by convered the image in PS to sRGB at the end of finishing, or just keeping the image in sRGB when editiing in PS from LR. Or bumping up the white slider in Lightroom to compensate (but now you're just guessing when trying to match what you did in PS).


      But now the issue is, to convert PSD files to sRGB, PS wants to flatten my layers (I always try to keep my layers intact). And all my PS files in the LR catalogue since day one are in ProPhoto RGB.


      Question: what should I do/what would you do? Does the very latest LR version exhibit this issue? Does this exist in CaptureOne?


      It will be a pain to go and fix everything, probably save from PS, including images on my portfolio, etc...


      Your feedback is appreciated.