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    LR 6 Stops Running After Clicking On Import


      Just recently installed LR 6 and am in the process of learning as much about it as possible.  It had been functioning okay for the previous several day until today.  A few photo images were selected for import.  An image was selected and the print function was opened to learn about the set up.  That is, how to set up printing preferences including selecting ICC profiles for both LR 6 and the Canon Pro 10 printer.  It was just a trial run to learn how to set up printing.  In other words, the print operation was not completed.  It was just a trial run.  In any event, it was decided to go back to the pictures folder tree on my HD to import a different set of photo images.  Clicked on Import and the blue spinning circle appeared on the screen.  The OS is Win 7 Pro.  The blue circle just kept spinning.  Opened Task Manager and learned that LR 6 had stopped running.  Closed LR 6 and reopened it to try Import again.  After several attempts upon which LR 6 continued to stop running, Adobe support was contacted.  The support technician connected to my computer and after 2 plus hours working on my computer and speaking on the telephone, the problem was seemingly corrected.  But it wasn't.


      Disconnected from Adobe support.  Closed LR 6 and reopened it.  It looked okay upon opening.  Once again clicked on Import.  Sure enough, the application stopped again.  Shut down LR 6.  It was then decided to uninstall LR 6 using the special uninstaller tool I have used previously to remove every bit of an application.  Reinstalled LR 6 from the disk.  Even went to the steps of disabling my virus protection application and disconnecting from the web.  Opened up LR 6 upon reinstallation.  Updated the application to the latest update.  It is now LR 6 v2015.10.1.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that LR 6 doesn't do what it did previously.  Has anyone that installed LR 6 on their Win 7 computer experienced a similar problem?  If so, did you find out why it occurred?  Does anyone know if there are any applications installed on a computer that might be incompatible with LR 6.  For the present I am keeping my fingers crossed that the problem won't occur again.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          No where do I see that you Restarted your computer. Try that and post back.

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            vincer3159181 Level 1

            Didn't mention the restarts in the initial post, but several restarts were performed all with no effect.  It appears that the uninstall and reinstall that I did, versus the uninstall/reinstall performed by the Adobe technician, has corrected the problem.  So much for Adobe technical help.  It may be that the technician that attempted to solve my problem was not quite up to speed regarding LR.  The problem has not recurred thus far, and the application seems to be more stable than even prior to the surfacing of the problem.  It would be informative to comprehend why the import problem occurred.  That is, was it something that I did within the application, was it the computer, or was it some glitch within LR 6?