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    Lightroom on new release iPad Pro


      Hi All,


      I've read the similar question posted regarding the use of Lightroom on the iPad Pro and wanted to ask if anyone can add anything to this with the release recently of the next generation iPad Pro.


      1. What features of Lightroom will not be available to me on the newer iPad Pro?

      2. Will Raw processing/development of images work on the newer iPad Pro?

      3. With the to be released iOS 11 imminent, what enhancements will this bring to the use of Lightroom on the new iPad Pro?


      Any thoughts, insights appreciated.



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          All the features of Lightroom Mobile are available on all iPads.


          No-one can tell you anything about future developments. Those who know are under NDAs, those who aren't under NDAs don't know.

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            selondon Adobe Community Professional

            Additionally, you can also already edit RAW in Lightroom Mobile on photos taken with the in-app camera (12MP ones) and photos uploaded with the Camera Connection Kit.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It is very important to realize that LR/mobile is NOT the same thing as Lightroom. It misses a lot of features. It is great for on-the-go editing if your needs are quite modest but it is not a full raw editing solution. It can read raw files through the sd card reader or through the mobile app shooting dng itself and it can do basic edits. If you're interested I wrote a little review on a mobile raw workflow with an iPad Pro a while ago here: Jao's photo blog: A mobile workflow with Lightroom? Some things have improved but most of the problems are still there. Adobe is adding features slowly though and I am sure the intent is for the mobile app to become fairly full featured. However, for most people I would  currently still recommend a small laptop instead of a tablet for on-the-go editing.

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                nozza Level 1

                Thanks Jao.


                Ultimately, I am aware Lightroom Mobile isn't the same as Lightroom on a laptop/computer and that some features are not (yet) available on Mobile. The day will come no doubt where that changes but for now, despite the improvements in the new iPad Pro release, there is still the gap between the two.

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                  just reading your reaction now. thanks for that. in my search whether to get an ipad pro or not (yet). however not being able to save in tiff-format will hold me back from buying an ipad pro for now. because i would like to use it as a proper lightroom version with the same main features as i have on my desktop. and saving as a .tiff file is one of them.