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    Recording Stops

      I've read through the forums and have noticed some people having problems with Captivate stopping while recording for no reason. I too am suffering from this issue, but it only happens while I a scroll bar to move up/down or side to side. It doesn't occur every time I try to scroll while recording, but it has only happened to me while I try to use the scroll bar. As with other recording issues, it won't let me save after the recording stops as well. It acts as if it is frozen. So, I'm just trying to figure out if others out there are experiencing a similar problem and have found a fix for it or maybe the Macromedia Team has an answer.

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Please describe what is happening when the recording freezes. Are you using the automatic capture to begin a full-motion slide during scrolling, or are you manually capturing the scrolling action (press F9 and F10)?

          If you have it set to automatically begin full-motion, try disabling that, and doing it manually. Let us know if that is any help. ;^)
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            OSC_TCI Level 1
            hey thanks!! I believe it's set to automatic...i'll have to check.

            I'll give that a shot and will report back...