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    are we stuck with a poorly-designed app like Adobe Digital Editions?


      Buying an ebook from a supposedly reputable group such as ELSEVIER means that the user should have full-access to the document; including being able to highlight, underline, annotate, and even scribble with ease.


      How come that with ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS, highlighting a document needs to be done through several unnecessary steps?


      Adobe Acrobat Reader seamlessly allows users to read and enjoy their materials as if it is a real book complete with close-to-reality-user-interface (making reading interesting and convenient for end-users)


      ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS is clearly a rearward form of technology a lot of people would fall victim to.


      I am utterly disappointed with ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS and with ELSEVIER as well for forcing us to access paid ebooks through this deplorable app.