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    Duplicate property or field node 'pdf:Producer'

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      When reading a PDF file I get the following exception:


      Duplicate property or field node 'pdf:Producer'


      Caused by: com.adobe.xmp.XMPException: Duplicate property or field node 'pdf:Producer'
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.XMPNode.assertChildNotExisting(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.XMPNode.addChild(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.ParseRDF.addChildNode(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.ParseRDF.rdf_LiteralPropertyElement(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.ParseRDF.rdf_PropertyElement(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.ParseRDF.rdf_PropertyElementList(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.ParseRDF.rdf_NodeElement(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.ParseRDF.rdf_NodeElementList(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.ParseRDF.rdf_RDF(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.ParseRDF.parse(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.impl.XMPMetaParser.parse(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.XMPMetaFactory.parseFromBuffer(Unknown Source)
          at com.adobe.xmp.XMPMetaFactory.parseFromBuffer(Unknown Source)


      When I open the PDF there is indeed a redundant entry:

      <x:xmpmeta x:xmptk="Adobe XMP Core 5.1.0-jc003" xmlns:x="adobe:ns:meta/">

        <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#">

          <rdf:Description dc:format="application/pdf" pdf:Producer="Some producer" pdfaid:conformance="B" pdfaid:part="1" rdf:about="" ...>


      <pdf:Producer>Some producer</pdf:Producer>




      I have found PDFs which contain one or the other but not both. So who is wrong? (I am using the XMP lib in version 5.1.3)


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