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    Motion blur works in one comp but not another in same project file.


      Hi there first post so hope its okay.


      Im using After Effects CC 2017.2 release, version


      Windows 8.1 pro

      i-7 CPU @ 3.60GHz

      32gb RAM


      Nvidia Geforce GTX 670


      Im using the classic 3D renderer.


      This problem started today. I open an after effects project file and start animating the graphics which are part of a psd file I've imported and kept editable layer styles. I move a graphic or character out of frame and use keyframes to bring him onto screen. When adding motion blur to the moving layer the blur seems to smudge or smear instead of actually blur.


      Above you can see the smear affect that is happening.

      I thought maybe this is a version issue but I'm up to date with after effects. I thought maybe its my graphics card yet I tested another comp in the same project file and motion blur works all of a sudden. It works for a few comps and then doesn't work again.


      Above is from the same project file.

      I've taken the project file and imported it into a new AE file and tried to add motion blur again but come up with the same issue. I've gone about using an old project file that had motion blur working and imported the faulty project and still seem to have the same problems.


      Has anyone else come across these issues?


      Thanx for any feedback!