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    InDesign booklet printing out of order

    Hephzibah Baptist Church

      First of all - I am *very* new to InDesign, so this may be a very simply answered question. I cannot figure out why my booklets always print out in the wrong order. I have a 17 page booklet, some of the pages are intentionally blank, and I have them "facing" in settings. It's a 2 up saddlestitch booklet, 11x17 to make 8.5x11 pages. Looking at the document, it is in the right order and appears that it should print in the order I have it. However, when I print it and even in the print preview, the pages are totally out of order, some are even upside down. Additionally, the booklet prints out backwards. So my front page is coming out on the very back of the booklet. Soooo frustrating! I am sure there has to be an easy fix for this - I likely just don't have the right check box checked. Can someone give me some suggestions?!