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    Advance Breeze Slide Through Actionscript

    Flanab56 Level 1
      Is there a way to advance a breeze slide through actionscript in an imported flash file? I have a breeze presentation that includes a flash file that plays videos. I want to advance the breeze slide one the video is done playing. Is there an actionscript command that I can use to acheive this? I already have my function built, I just need to know how to tell breeze to advance.

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          asm0d Level 1
          Hi! (reprint from an earlier thread)

          If you want to control the viewer with a Flash button you've embedded in a powerpoint slide (prior to using presenter to convert it) try this:

          (1) Make your button in Flash, and add this Actionscript to the first slide (replace [btnName] with the name of your button instance:

          btnName.onRelease = function () {

          (2) Insert your button's swf in the PPT presentation and compile with Presenter. Now, when the user clicks the button, it will simulate pressing the "next slide" button in the viewer's control bar.

          Here are some of the other button names; to use these instead, just replace "m_slideNextBtn" in the above code:

          Play/pause button "m_playBtn"
          Next slide button "m_slideNextBtn"
          Previous slide button "m_slideBackBtn"
          View changer button "m_viewChangeBtn"
          Attachment Button "m_attachmentsBtn"
          Volume Button "m_volumeBtn"

          Hope that helps!

          ~Marc B

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            Flanab56 Level 1
            Marc, thanks for the help, but I'm still having problems. Breeze doesn't seem to respond to the command. I'm calling it from a function. Below is my code:

            //code for cuepoint
            //set up function to run base on a cuepoint in my movie
            var myCue bject = new Object();
            myCue.cuePoint = function(eventObject bject)
            //shows an image to indicate function is running
            preview._visible = true;
            //calls my function
            myMovie.addEventListener("cuePoint", myCue);

            moveToSlide = function (slide)

            Both functions run properly, but the command to advance the slide does not seem to affect Breeze.
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              asm0d Level 1

              Is the movie this code is attached to embedded in your PPT file (prior to converting to breeze), or is it launched via a link on the PPT slide? I've only worked with Flash modules that were actually embedded in PPT; I haven't tried to make a completely separate module talk to the viewer.swf (though it should work the same way). I've also run into issues where the code had to be on the second frame of a two-frame movie (please see my previous post on building a progress bar). Another possible issue is which version of Presenter you're using; I've only worked with the latest (5.1, I think). Earlier versions may have had different properties and methods.

              Try this:
              Please build a simple movie with just a button in it, use the "next slide" code as it's onRelease function, and try inserting it into a test PPT presentation to make sure you can control the viewer programmatically. If that works, the issue may the sequence your movie's code is being loaded when Flash loads in all the objects that make up a slide presentation. If the button doesn't work, I'm at a loss, as I've built several using this method.

              Let me know what happens!
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                I’m having problems controlling the Breeze presenter viewer with flash.

                I have a flash button in a ppoint presentation and published with breeze presenter.

                I have made like asm0d said to control the viewer with a Flash button:

                botao_azul.onRelease = function () {

                Botao_azul is my button.

                But it still not working… I’m using version 5 of breeze.

                What I’m I doing wrong?
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                  I tried this as well - making a test file with only three slides with the actionscripted button on slide two including the code given. It didn't work.

                  I tired exporting with actionscript 1.0 and 2.0 and it still didn't work.

                  Seems like this is more complex than it seemed at first.
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                    SquirdanJubub Level 1

                    Maybe someone can come up with a list of possibilities as to why its not working and we can knock them off, leaving us with the solution.