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      Yes there are thousands of complaints all over the internet about this . Check youtube and all social media before you sign up . They have now pulled this scam on me , family members and some students at the University . They say they send out a notice stating information about renewal , must have forgot all of us because thats a total lie , next they start charging more  , just draft from your bank account without the price increase or amount  notice . If you catch this and talk to anyone at Adobe , it will be someone that doesn't speak good english and guess what ... all lies . If you try and get out of this deal with them they all tell you that they contacted you about the auto renewal and you have to pay to get out of it. Well I checked all our emails and total lies but myself and thousands complaining must be wrong. So they proceeded to take there share on a Sunday within 10 mins . What a classless company . Research and never ever rent software with this company or you will be scammed and pay dearly . Adobe Cloud is the worst experience and very costly for all the people that cancel . Hope this helped as we are promoting this topic worldwide to help others. Have a great day


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