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    bitmap extrusion wall expansion


      Ok. This can't be too hard to understand? eh?


      This is a bitmap created from an indoor scan of a Mall.

      I've been using them to be extruded into 3d models.

      (inserted below)

      3d extruded.PNG

      however, This is really messy and instead of having dugout-type hallways, I want to have building-like walls. To do this, the black pixels on the edge of the scan need to be combined and thickened. Is there any way I can outline or expand the size of each black pixel to join with the next black pixel and make a wall?

      sorry if it's confusing. here's an example of what im looking to do.rough thing I want.PNG

      Yes, this is very rough, and there's probably no way to make it complete the line all the way around, but can I use those black pixels on the edge to connect somehow or bleed outwards so it's more than one or two pixels of edge all the way around?