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    Can't Find Photos To Import

    jmerrittphotography1 Level 1

      I am using the newest Lightroom, and I am having trouble importing pictures. I'm using a MacBook Pro, and I can see all the pictures in my "Photos" app and the album I need imported. When I open Lightroom and try to import said photos, they aren't appearing anywhere.


      I was having a similar issue, and I opted to re-install the app. Before the re-instillation I could find the images, but when i went to import them, it said that they could not be read, therefore not imported.


      Now since the re-installation, I can't the new find pictures I need anywhere. Maybe re-installing it was a mistake but at that point I was up for anything. After reading many articles and watching many tutorials, I am still lost and can't find a solution.


      For anyone who can offer any help, thank you!!!

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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You photos are currently embedded within the Apple 'Photos' in your 'Pictures' folder, which means they're not visible to Lightroom. To make them visible to Lightroom you should right click on the 'Photos' icon in your 'Pictures' folder, then choose 'Show Package Content'. Within the package you should find a folder named 'Masters'. You can either drag or copy this folder to your 'Pictures' folder. Your photos should be visible in the Lightroom import window.

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