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    Copying from Illustrator and Pasting into InDesign


      Hello all,


      I am working on Adobe CC 2017 on a Mac in InDesign and Illustrator and I am trying to copy the Die-line from Illustrator into Indesign for a packaging project as it is easier to mass produce in InDesign.


      I am having an issue when I copy a vector based die line from Illustrator into InDesign. InDesign will end up placing it as a graphic instead of a vector, therefore I am unable to place my artwork under the die line to see where my folds and cuts will be.


      I have been having this issue over the last few weeks and have not been able to find a way to be able to manipulate the vector any longer, be it adjusting the die line, or simply changing the color of a section of the vector. I will have to go back into illustrator to adjust, then copy and paste it back into InDesign repeatedly until it is correct.


      Is there a simple fix to being able to paste actual vectors into InDesign like I was able to previously? Or is this a recent update that I will have to learn to work around?


      Thank you for the help.



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