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    Warp Stabilizer VFX can no longer be applied to an adjustment layer

    michaelf62410779 Level 1

      I used to frequently use the following technique in After Effects:

      1 - apply Warp Stabilizer to footage in a comp (reversible stabilization)

      2 - add other elements on top of the stable footage

      3 - copy-paste the Warp Stabilizer effect from the moving footage layer onto an adjustment layer to restore the original motion (reverse stabilization)


      The technique, demonstrated in this video by Chris Meyer: After Effects and mocha AE: Screen Replacement (skip to 5:20), no longer works. I now get an error that says "Frame not analyzed for reverse stabilization." Why? This used to be a very reliable method for adding elements to handheld footage.


      AE Version (CC 2017.2) on OS X 10.11.6 on a Mid 2012 Mac Pro