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    Menu not working on android

    bartp25154647 Level 1



      We've created a new website for an electronic music festival www.moodstock.eu.
      We've run tests on our iPhone with the safari, firefox and chrome browser and everything seemed to work fine.
      Now we get feedback from our visitors saying 'the menu is not working on android'.
      We've designed the website using muse version 2017.0.3.
      Does anyone have an idea what might cause this issue?


      Thanks a lot.




      Bart Peeters

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          On desktop I realize that the "hamburger" reacts on rollover.

          Unfortunately I cannot use my android right now, but watching with the developer tool from Safari I realize the same.

          Could it has to do something with this?

          Rollover for mobiles wouldn`t be too helpful, would it?

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            ankushr40215001 Level 7

            Hey Bart,


            I have tested your site in the Android and accept that in Chrome we will have to long press the menu for activating, however in Firefox it doesn't even work.


            There can be 2 possibilities for this-

            1) It can be an issue with the QooQee Menu Pro widget which you have used is not compatible with Android.

            In such case, you need to get this checked by their own support team.


            2) Rollover effect applied on the menu is not working for Android.

            Usually, rollovers are not meant for touch devices as there won' be enough room for any hover action.

            So please try removing the rollover effect for phone layout and see if it works?




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              bartp25154647 Level 1

              Thanks for checking.


              I've unchecked the checkbox to trigger on hover, but that doesn't seem to do the trick.
              I've uploaded the site again on my test server http://www.noblenotion.com/moodstock/index.html.


              I will check with the Qooqee support.



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                Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

                your site doesn't work on any of my Windows phones;


                I recommend you drop the video for a still image and use a different menu for your phone layout... any phone on limited wifi will not load this site as it is now.


                p.s, I would assume FF has a problem with the video as well but it works in mine.

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