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    File created in 2009 & modified in 2015: Either the file does not exist, you do not have permission, or the file may be in use by another application.


      I have not seen this particular issue addressed for this error message, so I am opening a new thread.


      I've been using Creative Cloud ID since 2013. I recently began receiving the "Either file does not exist…" message on a number of files when I double-click to open them directly in ID. These files were created very recently or years ago. Some have been modified and saved at various times through the years. Others were newly created in recent weeks. I am able open all of the files using all other menu or keyboard methods (Open, Open Recent, command-O) and also via Bridge. I have no problem working on or saving them once they are open, only opening them by double-clicking directly in ID. The files are from various, unrelated projects and are saved to various, unrelated folders. Meanwhile, all files from just one particular folder open directly using the double-click in ID with no problem!


      What could be causing this? How can I rectify it?