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    Syncing preferences


      I know the ability to force syncing preferences was removed a couple years ago, but I'm a little unsure of how to proceed.


      I render a lot of heavy 3d in After Effects, and while I'm thrilled I can now render Element 3d items in Media Encoder I have a problem.


      Normally when i install Windows fresh i just install CC and sync my prefs back up. But that option doesn't exist anymore. I did a new install after a couple years (yea I put it off once i got on W 10) and now I'm stuck. i see no way to bring my prefs in and since the sync menu is gone, I'm wondering if they were even stored in the cloud.

      Something is killing my GPU right now and I can't track it down. This is typical on a first install but i had highly customized my resources, and I can't seem to get things to jive.


      I'm trying to render a project I did a couple years ago to test, and the original report shows it rendered in 3.5 hours, running it again, after 4 hours said it had 73 hours remaining. now I know that's not a real number, but it had already gone well past what I needed the first time when i got the message


      Do our prefs not get saved to the coud at all? I realize Adobe is really pushing libraries but this is  a big deal for me. I had to really tweak things. Using the same hardware but taking exponentially more time means I've got something set wrong, and at first glance it looks fine.


      Worst case is there a way to export my preferences so I can archive them?