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    RoboHelp HTML or RoboHelp Word


      I have inherited 60 projects that were created in RoboHelp Word. My task is to merge the projects (some are already merged) and produce a Microsoft HTML help system (chm file). Should I keep the projects in Word and use Single Source Layout to output Microsoft HTML Help or will I be better able to customize the final product with special style sheets if I convert the word source to HTML?

      I also have to ensure all existing context IDs still work, but that's a headache for another day.

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          Hi FLA writer,

          I have not had much joy in converting Word source documents to HTML, but the conversion from a RoboHelp WinHelp project to RoboHelp HTML is fairly smooth and that is the route I would take. In short, do the conversion entirely from RoboHelp. When we switched to HTML Help, we had three WinHelp projects that merged into a single .chm and the only problem I encountered was in WinHelp aliases not converting, so I lost a portion of my context sensitve help. The style sheets needing some tweaking but were susrprisingly good.

          I did this all a long time ago with RH v.8 (or 7, maybe) and I would assume things are different now - probably improved. Good luck.