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    Files saved over top of one another. How do I recover them?


      Hi there, I really need some help with this.

      I worked on a bunch of photos in PS and for most of them when I was done I ran an Action I created with a previous set to "1) Save and 2) Close". I thought the 'Save' part was rooted to the right folder but didn't realize it actually said to save in "Volumes/.../IMG_4535-Edit.tif"

      It saved each file over top of this one file name. Meaning that none of the files saved individually, they all just kept rewriting over top of the last one that had been saved.

      Please tell me there is a way to open the files back in PS without losing the work I did.

      If I look under "Open Recent..." it doesn't list the files either because all of them were opened through Lightroom (right click, 'Edit In...')

      Using PS CC 2015