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    Worst service of Adobe, liars of support agents.


      I have bought one year CC service online and redeemed with my account. But it does not work. Then I connected to the Adobe Support Team and I got the worst service in the world.


      On 28-June, I submitted this problem and I got the following reply.

      Kameswararao: Chen I cannot promise you in this regard but within 24-48 business hours you will receive a mail from our team.


      On 29-June, I want to check the status of my issue.

      Apurv: I really apologize as the case is pending with our next level of support, as soon as they pick your case they will contact you.

      Apurv: Okay, in this case i request you to please wait for the time span provided, you will definitely receive the email.


      So I waited 48 hours for the solution. Then on 1-July, I checked again because I received nothing. No email.

      Mukul: I am escalating the case to my senior team as they need time to work on this. Please allow us 24 working hours to resolve this.


      Chen: Last time you said I would receive the email in 24 hours but nothing.

      Mukul: Chen I apologize for last time, this time you will receive email.

      Chen: I believe that you should stand on your own words. Is this right?

      Mukul: Yes, I will Chen.


      You see that I have to wait for another 24 hours. OK, I wait. On 3-July, I checked again and this was my fault as business hours did not include weekends.

      Ankit: I am sorry Senior team is only available in business days yesterday there was a week off so don't worry they will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Chen: Next 24 hours? You are sure?

      Ankit: Yes!


      Then on 4-July, it is almost a week, I connected to the supervisor, not an agent. During these time, I receive nothing about the process.  But this time, it seemed this problem would be solved quickly.

      Neha: So let me connect your chat to my supervisor so that you would be assist further

      Priyanka Nautiyal: As I have checked with my senior team who are working with this case that it will be done with in next 24-48 hours .

      Chen: Your first three agents cheated. And you are a senior. Can you stand on your own word?

      Priyanka Nautiyal: Yes I will. This just happened due to a techincal glitch and the Technical team is already looking into this for you.

      Priyanka Nautiyal: I will send you a confirmation to your email by my end.

      Priyanka Nautiyal: I completely understand your frustration and I am also appreciate your time that you have waited for so long . Kindly request please give us 48 hours to work on your case . I assure you that with in 48 hours this will be resolved . 


      Today is 7-July. There is no confirmation from Priyanka and no email from Adobe Support Team. This is the last time I connect to the dishonest team.

      Pooja: This is Pooja, one of the supervisor of Adobe.

      Chen: So can you tell how much time it will be

      Pooja: I will not commit any time, as I don't want to lie.


      Chen: OK, can I post our chat log online like reddit or your formal forum

      Chen: I want more people know what difficulty they will meet when they look for your help.

      Pooja: Yes, you can but I request you to please allow us some time.


      In the end, no one will know when this problem will be solved. The agents are liars and do nothing for your problem. They cheat me again and again, and they do not care about my problem. I know I am just one person but I believe that everyone should stand on their own word.