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    Interactive PDFs and e-pub resources

    mccoole-creative Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have been working on a fairly complex interactive PDF report created in InDesign and was surprised to learn in road-testing that a few 'everyday' functions - like 'go to previous' and 'go to next' actions - weren't supported on IOS devices. I have since found a slightly cumbersome work-around to this, but it's done the job and the client is happy.


      My question is what other alternative deliverables would you consider for a lengthy report that doesn't strictly have a linear start-to-end but could be viewed cross platform and give the user an option to print-out? A bit ambiguous I know, but am interested to see what gets considered... (create as a e-pub, web page, an app, maybe Abobe's publish online?)


      Also - does anyone have any good go-to resources - websites, courses for improving e-pub skills, software- for improving the end product and understanding the full capabilities?


      Thanks in advance