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    CS5 hangs/stops responding w/busy cursor after inserting image(s)

    bluecd Level 1



      Ive been working for 3 y. Indesign CS5 and now a painful problem arose:

      I am working on a bulletine publication (ca.130 pages), there are PSD images to be inserted (6-8 MB average, multilayer),

      after linking 10 images ID stopped responding, like it was busy, can only close app. from Win. manager-then it asks for saving as usually but cant save actually-just close it. Actually hangs or gets busy on pressing ENTER/next paragraph-looks like moving remaining text forces some resource consuming task...

      ID file is about 9 megs big so quite small by now.


      Cant work with it anymore...

      Btw. Yes-I did IDML export and reimport, did not help.


      Any ideas-anybody,anything?