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    Getting Manual Menu Text to Align Correctly at Small Fixed Width Breakpoints

    DerekDigital Level 1

      I've hit a bit of problem using Adobe Muse when I create menus that will appear at small fixed width breakpoints.


      As a great fan of one page sites, I often create a Manual Menu and nest it within an Accordion Panel to enable visitors to jump down to anchors.

      This system seems to work well, and everything always looks great in Adobe Muse.

      However when I Preview the site in a browser, the menu content always appears too far to the left, and is never centred.

      So I'm hoping that someone can advise me on what I'm doing wrong when I construct my mobile menu, or can tell me how to fix this problem.


      This video - which I created for the Adobe Muse team on Twitter - shows how I currently construct my mobile menus and the challenge I face getting text to remain centred in the menu.