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    Folder conflicts when saving from photoshop


      Hi All


      I am using Lightroom tethered then using the "edit in" feature on some images and select the "Open as layers in photoshop" to do composite photos and exposure blending.


      Everything works fine until I save the file. The file saves correctly in a folder with the correct name.


      But those edited photos are displayed as a root folder in the collection see attached  image, where Tent2 (49 images) and Tent2 (136 images) are the same folder (note Tent3 is me trying to find a fix).


      In finder everything is as it should be and when I try to synchronise folders it says the files already exist. I've trawled the internet and updated everything but cant find a fix. This seriously impedes my workflow and would be great to fix. Any ideas welcome...




      Screenshot 2017-07-07 14.45.06.png