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    Struggling With Exporting


      I'm currently working on creating a video to be used as the background to a website.


      I have no experience in AE and had a tough enough time creating it in the first place.


      I am now struggling to export the file as I don't know what format will be best and, to be honest the AE render queue system is confusing me.


      If someone could step by step walk me through how to export that would be great.


      The video is flat vector graphics with a wipe effect.



      Please Help!

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          martinr84659894 Level 3

          I recommend mp4, H264 with a low bit rate (1 - 5 Mbit, depending on video dimension and length) for website use.


          You can bypass the render queue of After Effects and export everything with Media Encoder. Just open Media Encoder and drag your After Effects project in it.




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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Agreed. The easiest thing is to send your AE composition to the Adobe Media Encoder. Pick the format there that is supported by your website (probably MP4) and then you'll need to tweak the settings to work with whatever you're using to play the video. If it's YouTube or Vimeo, there are presets for them.

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