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    Failure to Capture - Is anyone reading this?

      Captivate sometimes fails to capture screens even when there is mouse activity, scrolls, and menu selection.

      It captures the mouse movement, but not the screens. It then assigns the mouse movement to the wrong slide.

      It's impossible to reassign the mouse movement to a different slide because the appropriate slide is not available. It was not captured.

      This causes a lot of trouble and work - or an entire recapture. It is a serious flaw.

      It also makes me wish that Captivate would allow me to create new mouse movement on slides AFTER capture.

      Is anyone else having the same problem?

      I have not seen any responses to similar topics. Is anyone reading this?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Last things first, gbj. Yes, someone is reading. Sometimes a solution is not offered because one isn't known, or the question may not be clear, or whatever. Be patient with the volunteers, please ... they help here in addition to their regular jobs, and without pay of any kind. That said ...

          Your question doesn't include the type of application you are trying to record. Is it a web-based application (yes, there is a difference - read on)? If so, the "changed" background following a click may not have rendered (downloaded) when the screen-capture took place. This can be real obvious if you are capturing a web-based background on a slow connection.

          If this is the case, try going more slowly from click-to-click during recording, and keep an eye on the Captivate icon on the system-tray to be sure a background capture really is being made when expected ... it will flash red each time a screen shot is taken, when operating properly.

          Also, try supplementing the automatic capture with manual background captures (the "PrtScr" key, by default).

          Let us know if this helps. If not, please share more specific steps we can take to duplicate what you are seeing - that might help us to help you. Have a great day!
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            getbackjack Level 1
            Many thanks. Yes, that makes sense. 'Didn't know about the icon flashing red either.

            Yes, it's a Web-based application that does have to refresh. I keep the pace fairly slow. So, it's puzzling / annoying when, after a couple of clicks, I would have to check the icon and capture manually.

            Also, I have since realized that Captivate does not get everything near the bottom of the screen, so I'm going to make a habit of scrolling to prevent trying to capture anywhere near the bottom.

            I saw that someone hadn't gotten an answer since 15 May, and this being near the beginning of a holiday weekend.........

            Very grateful for your help.