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    Update 11 to a Lab

      I have a 33 seat Mac lab. I installed Director 11 on my Master computer & then with Remote desktop copied it to the other 32 computers. When I start up any of the students Director 11 program, it asks for the SN#, which I put in, bit it says that it is invalid... How do I correct this mess I have?
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          This question has been answered via email. But thought i'd post some info here for
          anyone else facing similar things.

          Remote Desktop approach isn’t supported. From Adobe:
          Director 11 does not support this kind of deployment. Ie install on one system and
          copy the installation on multiple systems.

          The user needs to
          1. clean the copies he created on machines.
          2. Install on individual machines. This can be little simplified by using
          silent installation. The deploy folder placed along with installer has
          configuration files for silent installation.
          3. Provide SN at the launch of Director. It is possible to provide the SN
          also through a configuration file.

          Technical support would be happy to help him.

          Technical docs and videos are available at.

          Director 11 installation and licensing is based on CS3 technology. So if search for
          Director does not help on silent installation, search for CS3 may help.

          Here is technical document that details enterprise deployment


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