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    Wacom tablet problems with InDesign CC 2017

    camelbreath Level 1

      I have had a problem develop with InDesign CC 2017 on my machine (Windows 10 / 64 bit) with my Wacom tablet. I can move the cursor on the screen with the pen  but cannot select objects or text boxes with it. I come back and attempt the same movements with the mouse and it works normally. On some occasions, I can make a text selection with the pen and a few minutes later cannot make the same selections with the pen, but can with the mouse.


      I have talked to Wacom about this and have followed their advice, but nothing has changed the erratic behavior. I cannot pinpoint when this started, but it has been going on about a month -- before that, the pen worked flawlessly. Has anyone got a clue as to what the issue might be? The tablet / pen works fine with other Adobe programs.



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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          I use a wacom tablet (intuos pen and touch small) on my mac, but noticed after the wacom software driver upgrade that clicking/double-clicking had become next to impossible. I contacted wacom via their website and even spoke to an operator on the telephone, but it was news to them. Several forum searches later I found that if I increased the double-click speed on the mouse (NOT the wacom) then the issues largely went away.


          Did this issue occur after a recent upgrade of the wacom tablet or any other milestone that you can pinpoint, and if so, can you revert to the same conditions and see if the fault can be replicated?

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            camelbreath Level 1


            Thanks for your reply and interest in my issue. I finally figured it out and the solution was so simple, I feel ashamed of myself for not thinking of it sooner. I simply unchecked the "Use Windows Ink" option under the mapping tab in the Wacom driver control panel and the problem went away.


            Thanks again for replying,


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              I am trying to problem in saving my files in Indesign CC 2017.

              I have file open and the option to save as it disappeared. I can not even save by another name. I'm using the wacom tablet.

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                I have the same problem:

                A new Intuos wacom tablet installed on my mac and it seems to be causing issues with Indesign. In some documents the undo function and the save option disappear. If I open another document the save function works but if I try to copy the work I did in the previous document the save function disappears. Does anyone know how to fix this? thanks.