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    File missing in Develop but available in Library.


      An issue popped up where some of my pictures are displaying the message 'file could not be found' while in Develop mode. The files haven't been moved or deleted, I can still see them in the same location by browsing to them in explorer. Switching to Library mode, there is no exclamation or question mark on the file thumbnail to indicate that it was unable to locate it, so I am not given the option to locate it manually. Right-clicking on the file and selecting to open file location, it correctly opens the folder in my documents where it is located and the file is highlighted. Right-clicked on the folder in Library and selected to synchronize, issue still persisted. Selected option to 'Find All Missing Photos', photos I am having trouble with did not show up in list. Would it be possible that the files that are present but not editable in Develop are corrupt? Or is there an option I'm missing on how to manually fix the missing files in Develop mode.