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    creating multiple dynamic text !

      Hello All ,

      Actually I am stuck into one point is anyone help me out from I will be very thankfull for the same.........

      I am displaying the recordes from mysql to flash using dynamic text but I can not able to show one by one record using flash and php.

      I am able to show all recordes in component ! that is in text area I already done that........

      What I Need in Brief !
      I need to show the data from mysql one by one in flash ! I am trying to create the array of dynamic text and assign the value from php itself but not working properly

      If anyone help me out it will be the Best thing in my Programming Profession

      Thanks in Advance...............

      Thanking You,
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          2m Level 2

          if you could provide us with the code you've tried to do it, maybe we can fix it, but your description of the problem is a bit general.

          (As always posting sources fla and as would help helping you)
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            iFlashDeveloper Level 1
            Thanks for your highly concern !

            I will attache one sample fla over here containing all the things ! please let me know if you need anything more !

            at the current stage I am able to show one record coming from the database.

            I used 3 dynamic text name,address,email which I assigned from the php file coming from the database.

            but I want to show say 10 name,address,email one by one using movie clip how I can do that one that I want...

            I attached my sample fla include all the code here please go through it and let me know !

            Thanks in Advance

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              Deepak Joshi
              to give you a brief idea;

              your PHP code should have a loop with output in the form
              print "&wishtext" . i . "=".$r[2]; . "&"

              so your output is
              &wishtext0 = abc&
              &wishtext1 = mnop&
              &wishtext2 = xyz&

              now using loadVar class; you can load the data in flash. It will come in flash as
              var wishtext0 = abc
              var wishtext1 = mnop
              var wishtext2 = xyz

              Now simply apply for..in loop you can access all the variables

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                iFlashDeveloper Level 1
                Hello Deepak !

                Thanks for your help but now I am having parse error and that is :-

                parse error, unexpected '.'

                so please let me know syntaxtically if I am mistaken this code I am following currently :-
                print "&wishtext".i."=".$r[2];."&"

                thanks for your reply please let me know regarding this problem

                like your surname joshi as mazya mom chya maheracha surname ahe...
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                  iFlashDeveloper Level 1
                  Hello Deepak !

                  I some how manage to work the code in php now I am getting the array of wishtext but please let me know how I can display that text as a list on dynamic text ?

                  The code which works is this :-
                  print "&wishtext$i=".$r[$i]."&";

                  this code works in php file but I am not able to print the recordes say wishtext0="abc" wishtext1="xyz" these value I am getting but I want these values in flash movie on dynamic text

                  so please tell me how can I do that one........

                  And Thanks for the gr8 help you increased my moral working on it ;-)

                  waiting for your reply...