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    Mobile Lightroom and iPhone 7 Issues

    Harri Flex Level 1

      I have just been away on Location shooting 600+ Raw DNG images on my iPhone 7. Lightroom has caused so much frustration, as images are not correctly stored in date order. Some even view as totally underexposed. As I have been working in remote ares, I have used the USB cable to sync/backup to my MacBook Pro. I have gone around in circles, attempting to sort File structures, Collections!


      I have also shot over 200 video clips and surprised that upon returning home to my iMac, Lightroom has downloaded .Mov files, also at random orders. My iMac Lightroom is now in a complete mess.


      The one thing that makes me very nervous is that I want the confidence that I can Backup all images, then delete/edit and restore a correct filing Collection Order. It would seem to me that the lack of sensible "Usage Instructions" are causing great frustrations to many Photographers/Creative Cloud Users. I have been a pro film-maker/photographer for 40 years.


      Any links to recent Instructional Tutorials would be SO appreciated.

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you provide some screen shots??
          You have so many questions so let us start at the beginning.



          Are you using the Apple Camera app or the Lightroom Camera??

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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

            I am not sure about the date stamps and sort order. I'll have to take a closer look at my images to see if the same thing has happened to me. However, I can offer some advice for removing the images from LrM if that's what you want to do. If you remove an image using the LrM app on your phone, it will also remove that image from your iMac. So don't do it this way. Use the catalog on the iMac. Go to the 'All synced photos' collection and remove images from there. This will remove the images from your LrM devices, but not the main catalog.

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              Harri Flex Level 1

              Iphone 7 Lightroom issues1.jpgGeoff many thanks for your kind response, Attached montage shows 5 screen shots. As I mentioned, often the Lightroom Camera screen would often show images out of sequence, in-spite of my attempts to select Capture Time. Whilst occasionally I used the phone camera, I then accept I wasn't shooting in RAW saved as DNG. Being JPGs they naturally don't show the DNG icon.

              Also in between I used the phone camera to shoot videos and if the sudden need required I again shot jpeg. Whilst viewing the daily images could rarely be viewed at Capture time.

              I had also tried to set folders for subject matter. I was daily backing up to my MacBook Pro by cable as being in a remote mountainous area I often couldn't use wifi.

              Now back home I naturally wanted to upload again via cable into my iMac Desktop, via cable. I don't like using cloud mainly for security/copyright reasons.

              In order to try and sort the mess out I need to delete and clear storage space on my Laptop, but nervous about deleting anything due to the continual reference to deleting across all systems.

              As I say I personally prefer to use cable rather than wifi syncing. Again I only require a few Portfolio images to be left on my iPhone with the bulk referenced on my Desktop and Backup drives. I am aware now that I seem to have duplicates of images and have downloaded the plugin for Locating Duplicate Files, in order to sort the mess out.

              Sorry there are a lot of issues here. I was so happy with Aperture for all those years and like to be in control of my own destiny

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                Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                Harri, if your iMac catalog is synced to Lightroom Mobile, the images you captured using LrM on your phone will automatically sync back to the iMac. This may be why you have duplicates.

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                  Harri Flex Level 1

                  Could there be a conflict, due to the fact that I first used my Laptop on Location to backup to. Strangely, the files then couldn't be viewed on my iPhone, with a scaled down Activity warning message saying that sharing permission wasn't granted. Video .Movs wouldn't play either.

                  Now that I am back home, I need to delete the Files on the laptop, maintaining my Reference Library within the Desktop iMac.

                  I so appreciate your assistance, Theresa, thank you.

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                    Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                    I'm not sure that I understand the conflict message of the scaled down activity warning message. I do know that the laptop can not connect to LrM if you have already set up the iMac to do so, assuming that you have different catalogs on each. If your catalog is on an external drive and you take it back and forth from the laptop to the desktop, that could work. I'm guessing you don't do that and that is why you got a sharing permission error.


                    Double check to make sure all the image files you need are actually on the desktop before you start deleting anything. When you do start deleting files, don't do it from the LrM on the phone.

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                      Harri Flex Level 1

                      Thanks once more. Interestingly, several of the images, later transferred or uploaded to my iMac, via Cable weren't being displayed as DNG, for some reason they were filed as JPGs. Naturally I want to make certain that all images are backed up onto two drives before I start deleting. Oh the joys of technology and changes in Software, even my iPhone is now far better than my first digital broadcast camera .

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                        Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                        Lightroom mobile and cloud syncing is pretty amazing, but I too struggle to know exactly where my images are. I want complete control of image location at all times. The cloud complicates that, both Apple's iCloud and Adobe's Creative Cloud. I feel your pain.

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                          selondon Adobe Community Professional

                          I'm pretty sure that Lightroom had a problem with the timestamp on iPhone Videos (and Photos maybe), it was an hour out.

                          So, if you took captured some with the Lr Mobile Camera and some with the Apple Camera, then that may be causing the time difference?

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