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    Does Flex has the capability to do this


      I want to build educational system for what I am looking for language that can achieve this. Flash or Flex 2 or any other. My questions are

      1- Do we have all the functionality of Flash MX 2004 like developing tile based Games etc in FLex 2?

      2- This is important.

      I am looking forward to work on project and for that I need right technology. Project is

      I want to educate people from my website.
      I will upload material where each user can read the material word by word (as book).

      They can listen to it word by word and as they listen the whole line is highlighted and that word be highlighted as speaker reading the line (Recorded voice).

      They can listen to the pronounceation of word when mouse over or click to know how it should sound like. Basically project about learning language.

      Do you think its can be achieved by Flex 2 (as bounded to database) or with Flash MX 2004? if not with both than I will look for another language.

      Someone replied me below
      For your education website, Flex supports a subset of html text rendering,
      has a rich mouse event system and can easily stream and play MP3s.

      3- Ability to make tile based games?

      I hope some one will answer my questions.