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    Tracing Letters

      Is it possible to have Flash give feedback as to whether a student traces a letter correctly. For example, if a Kindergarten student watches Flash animate the correct way to draw the letter A, can it then determine if the student traces over it correctly?
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          Rothrock Level 5
          It might be possible, but it won't be for the faint of heart!

          Are you worried about stroke order too or just the final shape?

          Is this really a good idea? Using a mouse is quite a bit different than using a pencil or pen. Do you have graphics tablets with a stylus? Personally I think I would find it quite difficult to make certain shapes accurately with a mouse.

          This would probably require quite a bit of complicated code. I don't have Flash 8, but with it comes the bitmap class. I think you could use this to change the "template" and the student's "attempt" into bitmaps and then do some kind of "subtraction" of the shapes. Finally you would then compare what is left in the result.
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            2m Level 2
            [First of all I have to express my astonishment that a deity like Rothrock does not have Flash 8 - I think Adobe should sent it to you for free, for all the help you're providing here !]

            I totally agree wir Rothrock, that it will be tricky, but my approach (if at all, see Rothrock's comment) would be more like putting a loose (invisible) shape around the letter, and simply check weater the mouse leaves that for (hitTeset, or even rollOut)

            But the actuall approach would have to do with the details of the game, and I'd personally oppose the Kindergarten scenario, beeing a dad of a for year old (among others younger) and husband, brother and son of teachers!
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              Rothrock Level 5
              I think something like 2m's approach would be doable, but the code would be extra tricky. I think my approach would be easier to implement. (Not to say easy, just easier.) But if stroke order matters – which I imagine it would – then definately 2m's idea is the way to go.

              But I really think without tablet and stylus it would be a waste of time.

              PS: Thank you and I think I should get Flash 8 for free too!