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    Print module: auto fill template from selection on film strip


      A picture says more than 1000 words.

      Normally I use this for people, but to protect the privacy, I did not want to put people on the internet...


      This is what i want:

      I have created a template, like the one below.

      One a single page I want to show 2 different images in different sizes and some flipped.

      Image 1: the big one and the bottom row

      Image 2: the left side and rotated.


      On my film strip I have 100 sets of 2 photos, so 200 in total.


      Question: how can I automatically have the 100 pages created, without manually dragging the photos.

      Like the Lightroom template 4x5 Contact sheet. When selected, this template creates 50 pages automatically.


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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I do not think that Lightroom alone can do this for you.  (what a PIA.!)

          "Picture Package" will only accept ONE photo for all the cells on a page.

          "Custom Package" can only fill the cells manually by drag&drop.


          There may be a plugin- somewhere in the wide world- that will do what you need. Keep searching.


          Definitely NOT an automatic method but trying to think of a logical way how I could print two images in a package as you describe-

          1. In Lr, Create two different Picture Package templates . (One for the verticals V, one for the landscapes H)

          ("Print to File" can automate many Package 'prints' automatically)

          2. Open pairs of V & H "as layers"  in Photoshop and mask to combine into one image. (with an action)

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