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    Save in My Library

    danielaf2810 Level 1


      I am new in Adobe, I have CC 2017, Window 10.@

      How could I save my finished projects (Ps or Ai) or images I am working on,  in My Library (or in a new one) to be used later in Id (to use it as a drag and drop from the Library to the page).

      Thank you

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          Martin_Bns Adobe Community Professional



          You can open your library panel, create a custom library inside and just drag and drop inside the panel, anything you have in Photoshop or Indesign. You can Drag there only elements you're using inside your workspace. The library is meant to be used for Assets and not for entire Psd or AI files.


          You can also extract all the elements from a Psd file like colors and fonts and other elements, simply clicking on the icon on the left bottom side of the library panel.


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            danielaf2810 Level 1

            thank you very much for your help! I have tried and discovered a new function...


            evertheless, I have seen a designers doing drag and drop (in Id from a Library) of a group of images created in Ai or Ps, using the arrows (right or down)  together with the mouse (to keep the images selected) and to place them aligned (right or below) to each other, and it works...

            The designer was suggesting to save the projects (Ai or Ps) in the/a Library, in order to be able to use them that way (as explained above)  later in Id for the final project...


            SO, there is NO way to save a full image directly in a Library? when I open an image native Ps or Ai, sometimes the system suggest me automatically to save it in a new Library, but not always and not in an existing Library (so each time I have to go on my Adobe Creative Cloud Dashboard and move the saved image from the new Library to an existing Library ....too long...

            Any suggestion? maybe it is not possible anymore to do so, but it was allowed a few years ago....


            SORRY,  I am very new in Adobe (-:

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