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    Need clarification on selecting catalog in new computer


      Just set up a new computer. My LR6 catalog and pics live and play on its own ext drive. When I first launched LR6 on the new computer it made me set up a new catalog which I did thinking I could just link the old catalog. Then I got nervous because I don't want to import the catalog or pics onto my boot drive. So I quit LR6 and trashed the new LR6 catalog.


      I then relaunched LR6 and asked if I wanted to import a catalog. This is where my question comes in. If I click on my LR6 catalog here will LR6 simply link the catalog location and done or is it going to try and import everything to my boot drive? I don't want to copy anything from any drive to any drive. I just want to tell LR6 where my catalog and pics live.


      Thanks for any help you can offer.