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    different lightroom cc version on each computer- why?


      hi there,


      I'm having troubles with my Lightroom CC. I am using 2 computers with each having Lightroom running on it. The thing is, no matter how often I re-install, one laptop is always installing some crappy old version of LR. I tried logging off and on in the CC manager, reinstalling, no difference, still getting the old version on the laptop.


      the CC application is the same on both computers, so nothing there.


      the main computer is running LR CC 2015.10.1 [1117303], the one making troubles is always installing Lightroom CC 2015 [1014445] (info taken from System Info in LR)


      also the both computers are running different Camera Raw versions, one is on 9.10.1, the "bad" one is still on 9.0. but the CC application is telling that all is up to date.


      I have absolutely no clue what is going on and why the thing is doing what its wants.


      anyone having any clues or suggestions? thanks, david

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For some reason, the Creative Cloud Application Manager hasn't been updating on the one computer. You can try downloading the update from the following website and installing it manually:

          Download Photoshop Lightroom

          You will find it under the heading, "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6", and the update is for both Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC. It will only be necessary for you to install the topmost update which is 10.1. It's possible that you will be notified that the update is not applicable to you. Or, when you try to install it it will fail. If that happens then you will probably have to uninstall your Creative Cloud applications and run the CCleaner tool and then reinstall everything. This will have no effect on any work that you have already done because your catalog will remain in place as well all of the images that you have imported. Here is a link to the cleaner application and instructions on how to use it:

          Use the Creative Cloud desktop app to manage your apps and services

          And here is a link to where you can download the Creative Cloud application manager again and begin downloading your applications again if you need to:

          Download Adobe Creative Cloud apps | Free Adobe Creative Cloud trial

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