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    lightroom Collection menu left side folders with labels that have numbers following them?


      In Lightroom on the left hand side are menus this question is about the Collections Menu.  I have both mac and surface computers. Since using Lr Mobile the following has happened.  in the menu it show the collection, plus the same collections with a number following it but the same number of files, the a third version with a different set of numbers and less files. for at least five different times.





           Tank 5              11

           Tank 52            11

           Tank 522          6

           Tank 523          11

           Tank 5232        11


      What am i doing to get so many iteration for one collection ????????

      I am afraid to delete them i don't want to loose my originals and have to resort 5000 pictures.

      Thank you for you help. 

      Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 8.43.03 PM.png