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    Slides or Screens help please

    SeedofHope Level 1

      OK. I decided to play with both the Form Application and Presentation Screen. They are pretty cool.

      On each slide, for example, I placed the following Actionscript:

      on (reveal) {
      this.contentPath = "whatever.swf";
      this.load ();

      I understand what that code does. However, the application played the first screen or slide with no problem, but then stopped.

      I also tried something like this (see below), but it didn't work:
      on (reveal) {
      this.contentPath = "item2.swf";
      this.load ();
      var now = this.currentSlide._currentframe;
      var total = this.currentSlide._totalframes;
      if (now == total and total > 1)
      _parent.currentSlide.gotoNextSlide ();

      Here's where I need the help. How do I write the code on each slide or screen that will detect when the SWF (for instance: item2.swf) is completed playing, then automatically move to the next slide or screen?

      What's the best thing to use for this?

      The current project is just a blended learning application which the instructor is displaying on a projector in a live classroom. He/She basically starts it, and the application goes.

      What I envision is that each screen or slide will load the external SWF and then move to the next one. In certain spots, the instructor will be allowed the option to pause to allow an in-class exercise. Then, he/she can play it.

      The other thing is on each screen or slide, I need to place controls that will allow the instructor to rewind (i.e. back up a certain number of frames), restart the SWF on that screen or slide from the beginning, play and pause the SWF.

      Do you have any ideas on this? I really, really appreciate your help.