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    Technical error


      I'm new - and get two pictures rejected, one of them

      look here. I can't figur out why, can anyone help ??

      Kind regards Kate


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is that the size you submitted to Adobe Stock? If so, it's way too small.

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            Omally34 Level 1

            No - no - the real size is 6000x4000 px, 300 dpi, 68,7 MB

            You can only upload a picture here as this on (says the manual)


            Best regards



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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can upload the original size on here. People do it for critiques all the time. It enables us to see a lot more detail to offer further help.


              One thing I can see, even in that small size, is that you've done quite a bit of editing. Adobe Stock is not the marketplace to sell that sort of thing.

              Since many (most?) Adobe Stock customers are working in Photoshop (or with Photoshop easily available), they can very easily make things black and white (and leave a bit in color if they want). So, if you upload the full color version, they could replicate this image very easily. HOWEVER, if somebody wants a full color version and you've uploaded this one, they can't make it color again. In general, it's a better idea to provide very light editing or none. Making a color image black and white automatically cuts down on the number of people who will find it useful by a HUGE amount.

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                Omally34 Level 1

                ooh - when I uploaded the picture here - it says to me - that pictures can only be this size...

                About black/white with a little colour in the eyes - Im afraid the picture comes this way - when

                I use my camera - it's not edited that way in photoshop... And yes I know I can also do it

                in photoshop - but these pictures are done so by camera.


                Best regards


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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  What camera are you using?

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                    Omally34 Level 1

                    Im useing a SLR camera from Nikon

                    which has something called selektiv colour pick

                    you can pick a color (up to 3 or more) and the rest

                    of the picture stands B/W - some times you need

                    to clean a little in photoshop cause it can be very sensitive

                    if you have many strong colors around - and then you

                    need to clean a little rest colors.

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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I would highly recommend turning that feature off and never using it again for stuff you want to sell on Adobe Stock. It's very easy to recreate this effect in Photoshop, so if somebody wants it this way, they can make it in approximately 2 minutes.

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                        Omally34 Level 1

                        Year you think so - I have another meaning about that,

                        but people are different... And if Adobe Stock dont like

                        that kind of art pictures - it dose'nt matter - the can just

                        tell me that - I can sell them elsewhere Its not a technical error is it...

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                          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          The color issue is the only thing I see at the resolution you provided, so it was my best guess as to why it was rejected, but that might not be right. It might be other things that I can't see.

                          I do know that black and white images sell a lot worse on Adobe Stock compared to images in color, so just from a monetary standpoint it's better to provide color images.

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                            Omally34 Level 1

                            Unfurtnatly I can't provide you with better pictures,

                            this is what Im get of message - when I try that:


                            Maksimal filstørrelse: 8.7890625 MB. Bemærk venligst også, at billeder, der er større end 900 px i bredden eller 900 px i højden vil blive skaleret, så de passer til dit indhold.


                            As you se Im Danish...


                            I hope some one will tell me a little more about errors...


                            Best regards


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                              deniscostille Level 1

                              The image is poorly composed. The animal is too centered, it is partialy hidden by... a piece of wood (?) ans there is this blurry light zone in the lower left corner. And when you turn a photo to B & W in Photoshop, you can have very different results with one pic, simulating the color filters used on the lens for B & W photography.

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                                Omally34 Level 1

                                Sorry - I can't see any animal hidden by a piece of wood - can you ? Are we looking at the same picture ?? And too centered sorry - but this picture have won prizes - blurry light zone in left corner - have you heard about clipping... hihihi. AND Im sorry to tell you this is not made by Photoshop - it made by my camera - so you have no problem working with such a picture in Photoshop... - But it dose'nt matter - Im already selling this picture some other place in fact a hole serie taking of two Bengal Cats.... - I see now how things are not function in this stock related place - and that none can answer my question here.

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                                  deniscostille Level 1

                                  It seems that you came here  for people to tell you "Your pic is perfect, it's unfair it has not been selected" and you obviously don't want to listen to the very relevant remarks made by several people. Sorry but, as is, you pic sucks for a microstock.

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                                    Omally34 Level 1

                                    First of all - relevant remarks made by several people - the only one except form you - so year - and he dont know if you are reading - other then they dont take b/w pictures...??? That dont look like at technical error .... And you very not nice way to talk to me - tells me that you are a young one with out any thing in you back - to tell anyone - anything about a picture - so please get out of my face tanke you... stupid boy !!!

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                                      Omally34 Level 1

                                      And for you information it's not af microstock !

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                                            Your picture sucks, it has no appeal and to use your Nikons inbuilt black and white feature is a technical issue in its self.

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                                          Omally34 Level 1

                                          So Joshua the technical issues means - my picture sucks ??? I really dont like the langue in this forum. The appeal I think can be discuss - and the inbuilt black/and white, I can tell you are gray scale because it NOT Black and white if you are looking closely - its with selective colour... look at the eyes... I have been looking in the stock photos - and I do see few other pictures with that tecnich - You dont need to answer here - cause I dont talk to people who can't talk proper.

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                                            deniscostille Level 1

                                            I'm 55 yo, I'm a professional photographer and I have more than 170 photos on another international image bank. Don't you feel a bit stupid now ?

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                                              Omally34 Level 1

                                              No Dear - I know who you are - but you are talking like a teen - that my point. You do among other things call my picture a microstock - why I dont know, you dont se it selektive colour pic. and not a B/W... etc... And you way to communicate is very bad. Thats why i reply you this way...I myself is a Photographer - with several years background...and do use other image banks to, so - and still it dont give me a answer on why they call this Technical error... IF its because it have no appeal (I really dont think so) or IF its because it b/w with color (and then why cause I see others made this way) - then it will give a meaning they told me that - It quite easier then saying Technical error - I do also know that the picture here is a little one - not the original pic - but that is the limit to upload pic in this forum.

                                              And If any one should feel stupid - it definitely you...

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                                                deniscostille Level 1

                                                So, give us the link to your profesional photographer website and the links to each of your portfolios on other microstocks. Of course I will send you and e-mail from your website to verify it's really yours.


                                                For me it's easy : the link to my website in my profile. On my site, you click on "banques d'images d'illustration" and then you click on the first banner to see my biggest portfolio.

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                                                  Omally34 Level 1

                                                  ???? I really dont know what that have to do with my Technial Error - and questions in this forum - do you ??