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    bug report

    Andromeda Girl

      there isn't any actual support or feedback option nor is there any way to just directly send this to their dev team so I put it here and 'hope' it gets fixed.


      if you change the colour of your text in a PDF file, it changes the position of the text- making it impossible to put it back exactly where it is, ruining your formatting.

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          The Adobe forums (where you posted your message) is mostly frequented by users of Adobe's technology, so it's a very unreliable way of getting in touch with Adobe's engineers.


          There is only one official - and reliable - method to provide problem reports and enhancement request: Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          I've seen the behavior you are describing as well, but only with "bad" PDF files. These files were made with low quality PDF generators, and when Acrobat then tries to update the properties of an object, it moves.