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    Select and mask function on photoshop dead


      "Could not apply the select and mask workspace because the file could not be found" it says that when I select an area and click select and mask.

      I have tried unlocking then double clicking the layer but it just pops up with blending options. I find this is a very annoying issue and it must be fixed. It's really frustrating and I have searched up nearly ALL the tutorials on how to select and mask and it seems very easy and they can just click it without any errors, but why does my photoshop have an error?! Did I install it wrong, I followed the steps when installing. This error must be fixed because I don't think I did anything weird in the settings. The software is here to blame.


      Please tell me how to fix this problem because it highly affects on a project I'm doing. Don't just give me a link with so much info on adjustment layer and technical layer information because I am new to the software so all of that is jibberish in my eyes. I don't know how to use photoshop well. Sorry that I am frustrated because this is a frustrating situation for me.