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    Hair Problem



      I was wondering if you could give a suggestion for a puppet hair problem I'm having? I created the puppet in photoshop and have imported it into CH. So far it seems to be working well. The head moves with mine and after some tweaking and a lot of youtube tutorial reviews, I've gotten the arms to work in a draggable fashion that doesn't distort the body (the feet and trunk of the body are fixed with the push pin tool. My puppet has long ish hair that extends past her shoulders. As I moved her head from side to side, there were gaps in her bottom hair line (there was no representation of the hair that would have been behind her shoulders that you don't see unless you move the head). So, as you move her head, the hair has these funny gaps in the shape of the shoulders and neck.

      I went into photoshop and created a layer of brown hair filler--the hair behind the shoulders. This would be in the shape of the hair of you saw the puppet from behind.  however,  I needed to move that filler layer towards the bottom of my layers so the face neck and body are in front of it. However, how when I bring my puppet into CH and move the head, the background hair does not move with the head but stays fixed with the body. Suggestions?