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    XD is freezing all the time


      Since the last update to 06.34.3, XD on window 10 (1703) family, 64 bits
      70% of the time it freeze, when dragging, zooming editing



      :-( Useless

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          dwabyick1 Adobe Employee

          This doesn't sound good!  It would be great to get any more information if we can to help diagnose this problem.  A few questions for starters:


          1. Could you give any more information as to what the "freeze" means? Does it just pause, and recover, or does it freeze and lock up, requiring a reboot?

          2. Does this happen with all files, or just specific files?

          3. Can you give any more details on the hardware setup?




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            Mihnea Ovidenie Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi Patrice,


            When you mention dragging, are you referring to dragging items on canvas? Dragging outside files into XD?

            Do you have HW updated with latest drivers for the GPU?




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              CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

              Thank you for detailing your trouble in the forum.  We'd be happy to help walk you through capturing some diagnostics if you are able/willing to help out. 

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                Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                @patlap1: we haven't heard back from you yet.  Are you still having this problem?  If so, please follow these steps to capture diagnostics so we can investigate further:


                1. Open XD and wait until it is frozen
                2. Open Task Manager
                3. Right-click the XD app and choose Create Dump File
                4. Upload the resulting file somewhere and send us a link (if you don't want to share the file publicly, you can send a private message to any one of the Adobe staff who've replied on this thread and we'll make sure it gets looked at)


                Hope we can help you out!

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