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    Major Slow Down in Preview and Render Performance


      I run two Dell XPS 15 laptops; one 9550, one 9560; both are spec'd to the top with 6th/7th gen i7s, 16GB/32GB memory, 1TB SSD etc and most relevantly here Nvidia graphics cards. They are each used daily for video rendering tasks; nothing particularly complex but I'm very dependent upon them for pushing out 15 minute videos on repeat. Typically using my project settings I would be able to preview live with good performance and find both to take approximately 20-25 minutes of real time to render these videos.


      A few weeks ago one laptop out of nowhere came to a grinding halt in comparison. I have lost the ability to preview in real time at anything more than circa 1 frame per second (which before was no concern) and with renders also dropping to more akin to 120 mins per video. A few days later the other laptop followed exactly the same characteristics, in every way it was an identical scenario but I can't imagine they are physically damaged simultaneously. I believed at the time that this was perhaps caused by either Windows Update, Dell updates or an Adobe update but couldn't finger point it.


      I have since fully restored one to the Dell factory image installations with nothing on there except for Adobe Creative Cloud and I'm still left with the slow performance. I'm testing out old project files and rendering videos that have been used before fine and still experiencing the same, just as I do with new ones.


      My instinct says that this feels like an issue that Premiere Pro is not managing to use the Nvidia car at all and is handling this all from the Intel Integrated Graphics, what I don't know is why or how to do something about it. Is there anything obvious I may be missing? Is there a setting that I should look at? Has anybody else experienced something like this following a recent update?


      Thank you for your time



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