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    Having much difficulty with getting sharp images at 100%. Don't know what to do?

    ekaterina22 Level 1

      Hello guys! I am an amateur photographer with a nikond3100.  I would like to upgrade eventually but am in college so do not have the funds at the moment to upgrade.  I began selling some of my photography and have had no issues. This brought me here with the idea of trying to sell adobe stock images as well as learn.  I have tried just about every setting on my camera and when I upload my image in photoshop it is never sharp at 100%. I can only get the image sharp at 75%.  I have a basic stock lense that came with the camera.  I am also shooting in raw.    


      Do you guys have any suggestions on how to improve?  I am not sure if it is me doing something wrong. Or if I will need a better camera to achieve these results?