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    Text layer playback/render glitch




      I'm working on some text for a video and when attempting to play back or render the video with the text layers, After Effects glitches out constantly, with random text layers flickering in and out of places they shouldn't be. I've tried restarting the program, but this only caused the issue to spread to other parts of the video. This is happening when playing back in After Effects, rendering in After Effects, and rendering in Adobe Media Encoder. It's a very frustrating problem, especially as I spent hours making sure the text was frame-accurate, only for After Effects to crap all over my work.


      Below is a video showcasing the problem, and also an image showing the project itself, to clarify that the text layers are not overlapping and that this is not a user fault.


      Google Drive Video



      I hope someone can help.


      Thanks in advance.