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    Will these computers run Photoshop?

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      My partner is in need of a new laptop, the main thing she will need it for is running Photoshop. We are on a tight budget and don't really want to be spending big bucks on this laptop as we already have my workstation and this will just be an additional thing she can use to design logos and menus on. I have been looing at two models in particular as they are just over £200 and reasonable in my books. Can you tell me if they will run photoshop as I have no idea and can't seem to find the answers anywhere?


      The models in question are:


      http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-14-an060sa-14-laptop-silver-1015 6921-pdt.html


      Buy HP Stream 14-ax054sa 14" Laptop - White | Free Delivery | Currys


      Thank you for taking the time to help me as I am a little stuck and we need to get this computer ASAP.



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          Hi Luke

          First a caveat - I don't have direct experience with either laptop - hopefully someone may come along who has .


          Photoshop uses RAM, Scratch disk and Video card GPU functions. Many of the GPU functions in Photoshop require a minimum standard of video card Photoshop graphics processor (GPU) card FAQ


          Looking at the specs.

          HP 14-an060sa:

          Only has 4GB Ram

          Video card is AMD R2 which is not on the approved list (does not mean it will definitely not work but no guarantee that it will) . It does not have dedicated Video RAM so shares some of the 4G working RAM with the video.

          With a 1TB hard disk there should be room to run scratch disk space on the disk - provided it is not full up with docs and applications.


          HP Stream 14-ax054sa:

          Again only has 4GB ram

          Does not specify the video card - which would ring even alarm bells for me)

          Only has 32GB of storage.  By the time you get the operating system, docs and applications that is not going to leave much room for scratch disk and you may find yourself quickly running into scratch disk full messages.



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