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    Camera won't open


      I'll explain my case, it's pretty simple.

      I have a login apk, running on Android - works great.

      I have various webpages (some made with ionic, running on cordova, etc.) to which I link form the login page.

      Let's say USER 1 goes to webpage 1 and USER 2 to webpage 2, etc., All different links.

      My problem comes when in one of the webpages I'm trying to get some pictures. It works OK when I run that page or pack it as apk and install in Android, however when I link from the LOGIN apk to the external page that take pictures the camera won't load.

      Does anyone have any idea why it wouldn't work? I've installed the camera plugin only on the external page, should I install it also in the apk?

      I do get an alert from the function, it just won't open the camera.

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Is the external page hosted on a remote server? If so, you shouldn't do that (keep as much as you can local to the device). Furthermore, you definitely shouldn't do that and try to access plugins (security risks).


          Without knowing more about how your app is structured, any error messages you might be getting, some code, etc., it's going to be hard to help.