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        Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

        Why do yuo think that that would be simple?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          What does this mean, "reverse direction"?


          E.g., do you have a cross-reference in your text that says "see Liang (1981)" that points to a line in a bibliography section, and now you want to change it so the bibliographic entry points to that text? What if there is more than one cross-reference to the same entry?


          You may want to explain what purpose this has.

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            Olfar Level 2

            Hi, Peter, Jongware


            Sometimes I have to set up such end notes like this one below.


            I always do it using the script written by Kasyan Servetsky «Create Text Anchors» which doing the half ot the job.
            The next half I have to do manually   Your script «Manage Text Anchors» is very helpful in this boring job.  Thank you Peter!


            I thought that the simplest way would be first Convert Footnotes to Dynamic Endnotes (using of course your excellent and script, Peter) and the convert directions of the anchors. (corss-ref destination to text and corss-ref to endnotes) Maybe it is not so simple. A am sorry for that suggestion.

            I know that such kind of endnotes it is not usual in English or American typography. However sometimes authors or publishers want such kind of  endnotes in biographies, diaries, letters, etc.  because they do not distract the reader.

            Incipits (these fragments of text set in italic) I made manually in endnotes so, but sometimes I use for it Kasyan's script too. It is very helpful. I use these fragments as the Anchor Names. It's risky because sometimes names of anchors can be repeated. But I don't know any better idea to automatically copy the fragment of the paragraph to cross reference.



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